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science shows that riding in neon and tank tops does not actually hinder your riding skills.

this has been a psa.

i bathed my horse in my sports bra today. HERE COME THE MORMON POLICE OH GOD.

Some horse people are stuck up idiots. It’s mandatory? What are you the fucking queen of England hahaha idiot.

 @anitaonfire woah, that was rude, lady :). As a polite person, I stated my opinion very courteously. You called me a fucking queen of England and idiot twice?. Did I insulted somebody? No. I just stated my opinion, which was politely stated, not like yours. And yeah, in this sport looking neat is mandatory :). Maybe one day you will understand this :). But I guess today is not that day? 

How is it mandatory? So like if you say don’t have enough money for brand name equipment you shouldn’t be in this sport? Yeah it’s your opinion but it’s narrow minded and kinda dumb but whatever right! Maybe it’s not your day to see this?

Maybe you could try to read my opinion again, or I should quote it? I just marked most important parts that you haven’t seen. 

Did i bullied on riders who ride with yoga pants and crop tops? NO.
Did I said that you should buy only brand name items? NO.
Did I stated my opinion mindlessly? NO. 

Sometimes you shouldn’t take things litterally. To be honest, I think that you just want to argue for unknown reasons, and that’s all. By saying that neatness is mandatory I didn’t meant that you have to ride with parlantis, samshields, pikeurs and kingsland. I meant that you have to keep your equipment clean and it should be normal condition and safe to use. Horse and rider should be well groomed. And it doesn’t matter if it’s schooling or show. And yeah, dumb  is 4th insult for today. Have your parents taught you how to keep discussion without insulting your opponent? 

  • As an european, I have my point of view too. Equestrian sport is built on traditions and aesthetics. It’s aristocratic sport. And that means that your riding abilities and taste in fashion should get along. In europe it’s absolutelly normal to wear bright colours as long as they don’t look tacky. This summer hot pink and honey mixed with navy is absolute trend in europe (Schockemohle is good at setting trends). Okay, I am going straight to the point.. I think, that young riders should be educated not only about the riding but about the style too. And I don’t find anything offensive about that. It’s okay as long riders aren’t bullied. You can buy polo shirt for same amount of money as a tanktop. You can buy a simple and neat helmet for the same amount of money as you would buy a plastic neon troxel. And the simple and plain white, navy or black saddle pad cost much less than lime green one with peace signs.. And let’s be honest, it’s free to braid up your hair in a pony tail under the helmet, to clean your horse before a riding, to pull or cut his mane, cut his feathers and clean your  tack. You don’t have to ride in CWD saddle, wear pikeurs, parlantis and GPA’s, you just have to keep it neat and classy - and I can tell from my personal experience, it ain’t that expensive. Just take care of yourself and what is most important of your horse. Looking neat in this sport isn’t an option - it’s mandatory. 

If you ride for fun, or have no interest in being competitive or making a career in horses, then yes, what you wear does not matter. But, if horses are serious for you, then you should take it seriously and what you wear could mean the difference between being successful or not. Sorry, but it’s true.
And on the point of ‘not being able to afford nice things’, I personally am not at all a rich equestrian, but I work and save my money to buy nice things. I have a dozen, if not more, polo shirts. Half are from the thrift shop! The other half are Asmar, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. In my opinion, having less money is no excuse if you want to be serious in this sport, it just means you’ll have to work harder.


I love you! This is what I wanted to say. If you describe yourself as a competitive sportsman, all details like behavior,attitude, clothing and tack matters. But If you have a horse in a backyard, or ride just for fun, you can wear whatever you want.  I am not a rich too, and I don’t see anything wrong in it. Hard work and passion, that’s what drives a true equestrian! All my polos cost me less than 10$, my showjacket is handmade (but it looks really nice) my patent leather boots cost me only 115 euros (with bootmaker edits) my brown tall boots cost me 190 euro, all my pikeur, cavallo, schockemohle and kingsland items bought on sales with huge discounts. I just try to organise my money, and not to be a pain in ass to my parents who invest in me a lot. If you want to be a professional you have to look professional. That’s it. 

I think this can go both ways though. I know plenty of quite competitive people who wear whatever the hell they want at home, and then the second they go off property clean up and look professional, including myself. Sure I love looking nice when I can to ride but it’s not always realistic when I have a long day of work and only have a short time to stop by the barn on my way home from work…yes I school dressage in my jeans and cowboy boots some days (I am a farrier). Then of course I always wear my breeches and a clean shirt for my weekly lesson, and whatever days during the week I have the time. I’m not gunna lie though I only own two polos and one set of show clothes so I have no choice but to save those for occasions that count. So I guess it just bothers me when people say you HAVE TO wear certain things ALL THE TIME to be successful because that’s not true. You have to clean up and look professional when it counts, but what you do on your own time is your own business and doesn’t make a difference to your riding. Believe me if it was realistic for me to wear nice riding clothes every day I would.

If we want to be considered a sport we still need to have our game uniform, do you see soccer players out in jeans and a tshirt? Maybe if they’re having fun with friends but or practice it’s soccer shorts and they wear their uniform for games. Likewise if your off to go on a trail ride or swim with your horse wear shorts and a sports bra, if your practicing its been proven that you try harder when you wear professional clothing, same goes for shows. Breeches can be cheap, polos can be funky at home, and everything can be bought in light weight material. For horse showing you’re in the ring or 5 mins tops, you aren’t getting heatstroke that fast. I don’t mind seeing a neat conservative colour polo in jumpers or the warm up ring

Totally agree my point is just that a regular t shirt vs a polo literally makes no difference in your riding abilities it is just something nicer to wear when able to. As for riding in jeans lets not forget that there are diciplines where that is the competitive attire. And I honestly prefer riding in stretch jeans under my boots and half chaps than my cheap breeches (mostly because I’ve gotten so used to my more expensive full seat breeches which I only wear a few days a week). The point though is that you can wear whatever you want as long as it’s not affecting your ability to ride properly/safety. I do not understand how people can be such assholes just cause someone is riding in a tank top because it’s fucking hot out. What you do on your own time is no ones business but your own, just look the part when you hit the show ring.

all I have to say is not EVERY discipline pulls manes, or requires polo shirts.

you honestly look like the biggest idiot ever if you go into saddleseat classes in a polo OR have a horse who’s mane is pulled. those classes WANT long manes, and depending on your breed FEATHERS ARE MANDATORY.

at home, I am a slob, my hair is SUPER thick, and I literally just throw it into my helmet, and wear whatever the fuck shirt I have on (that could be a tank top, it could be something fancy)

I ride in jeans. I NEVER wear my tall boots at home, they are FOR SHOW ONLY, and because I use them that way they have lasted me over 10 years.

I do have “fun” saddle pads, but we don’t show with pads so what they look like doesn’t matter. I also buy EVERYTHING (polos, crops, standing wraps, halters, lead ropes) in the same color, this helps it from getting stolen.

unless I’m in a show ring,or at work (I am a Equine Masseuse) I really couldn’t care what you think about my appearance. I am not here to please you I am here to do something that I LOVE to do


I’m just going to say there’s no need for me to ride in a nice outfit or fancy tack when I’m working/practicing because I practice in a pasture most of the time. Even if I’m in an arena practicing I’d still do it. Why waste and dirty those when I could save them for shows? Plus, when you’re working your horse, why not make it a little fun with color. You’re not getting judged. :)
Showing is one thing, practicing is another. You focus on you and the horse for practicing. Showing you can add the outfit.

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tbt to that time niall did a twitcam and spoke nearly a different language the entire time

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Missing my big boy. 

Missing my big boy. 

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